Another important focus for ECSAB is to minimize leakage to the environment.
The plants are closed and highly automated systems. The operation of plants does not cause any emissions to surface water or ground water. Drum composting generates an end product that is highly hygienic, and neither causes diseases nor attract harmful animals.

In older composting plants the odour often was disturbing for the environment.
Through research ECSAB has found solutions to the problem and QuantorXL® composting plants are  almost odourless.
Odour is minimized by avoiding diffuse emissions and by  operating  the composting process optimally (aerobic conditions and adequate duration in the drum) and by appropriate maturing of the compost.

ECSAB has developed very efficient odour cleaning systems if the need should arise. We can offer three different technical solutions for odour reduction.

- Wet scrubbers
- Ozone treatment = Odoratus system
- Biofilter

Our tested solutions are also suitable for cleaning other kinds of odorous gases e.g. from larger pig farms and poultry farms. If you have any questions or want more information we will be  very happy to help you.

Read more about odour reduction, ozone, wetscrubber (PDF)
Read more about odour reduction, ozone, biofilter (PDF)
Read about the research basis Controlled drum composting with limited climate impact – emissions and heat recovery (PDF) which was carried out on two drum plants by JTI (Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, now called RI.SE) on behalf of SJV (Swedish board of Agriculture). (Note: English version short only, long version in Swedish)