Biowaste is defined as animal and vegetal waste arising from households, commerce and the food manufacturing industry. For example:
– Food waste that municipalities collect from households
– Restaurant waste
– Vegetable waste from wholesale
– Slaughterhouse and fish waste
– Waste materials from food production

If you run a business that generates a lot of organic waste QuantorXL® Drum composting may be a profitable alternative. Instead of paying high fees to get rid of your waste, you can turn it into a resource that generates revenue. The closed process of QuantorXL® minimizes problems with odour and vermin, which is important for obtaining the necessary permits in urban areas.

Today the majority of municipal organic waste goes to biogas production and investments have been made in large, efficient facilities. Sometimes, however, it leads to increased transports, often across municipal borders. At the same time, park and garden waste not suitable for biogas production is still composted

Drum composting is a complete treatment method for all types of biowaste and can be an alternative for small communities, or for example isolated hotel facilities. With QuantorXL® Drum composting allows you to locally, on site, take care of both household waste, garden waste, sewage sludge, etc. and create an environmentally sustainable complete solution.

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