ECSAB, European Composting System AB
- specializing in Drum Composting


ECSAB was founded in 2006 and patents and sales rights for drum composting were acquired the same year from the Finnish company Rumen Oy. The technology and the system has since then been further developed and in 2009 it received system approval by the Swedish board of agriculture through validation. Together with Rumen Oy more than 100 drum composting plants have been delivered and put into operation in Finland and Sweden.

QuantorXL® Drum composting from ECSAB offers a solution to modern requirements for waste management, recycling and composting of sludge from water purification plants, biogas plants and municipal waste facilities, fish industry, agriculture, stud farms, fur-and poultry farms, riding schools and equestrian facilities, etc. ECSAB provides high quality, proven and sustainable waste management technology. The need for this technology is large and is growing.  “Our vision is to have another 100 QuantorXL® facilities in operation within a few years!”

ECSAB puts experience and knowledge into practice.
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ECSAB office together with sister company RS Produkter

ECSAB - Contact information

Visiting address:
Härkeberga Ekeby 21
SE-745 96 Enköping

Mats Tuvesson
Sales and marketing
+46 (0)70 384 84 00
  Mats Tuvesson
Rainer Ström
Chairman of the board
+46 (0)70 335 21 27
  Mats Tuvesson
Magne Tuvesson
Professor emeritus
Crop productions, production biology
Olle Liwing
System technician, Development, system technique
You can also contact us by e-mail,,
phone 0171-41 41 85 or fax 0171-41 41 90.
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